Hi I'm Pastor Dave O'Hara (Pastor Dave for short), I am a retired high school teacher and part-time Pastor at the church.  I have been at Revloc Presbyterian Church for over 5 years now.  We currently have a couple children coming to our worship service occasionally but not enough to have a Sunday School yet, so I include time during the worship service to do a lesson with the kids when they are in church.  After spending time with the kids, I use my teaching skills and PowerPoint to help everyone in the congregation understand the scriptures and how they relate to our current lifestyles.  I have worked to create a casual atmosphere where it doesn't matter what clothes you wear or where you come from you are accepted into our church.  God wants you to Come As You Are and remember The Cross Will Make You Flawless.  

If you are looking to start or restart your faith, give our church a try on Sunday Morning at 10am, either in person or check us out on our Facebook Page (We stream our live service and then post the video of our service for later viewing.)

*Please Note:  You can also get a copy of our services on DVD/Audio CD/Paper Copyfree of charge just by visiting our Copies Of Our Services page and completing the online  form.